Addiction and Idolatry

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In his book “The Christian Atheist” author Craig Groeschel said, “Addictions are idolatry. We’re trying to meet some need that only Christ can, looking to anything but him.” For example, our desire for approval can be turned from the unconditional approval God offers us through the cross to a pathetic need for others to pat us on the back. We tend to think that idolatry is an ancient problem of primative people worshipping blocks of stone and wood when instead it’s millions chasing money, power, and relationships driving cars and talking on their smart phones. What are you pursuing? What are you worshipping? If you’re not sure your day timer and check book will give you a pretty good indication of what is god in your life.

Under His Mercy,
Derek Dickinson
Journey Christian Church
Fairbanks, Alaska

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