An ounce of prevention

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I read on facebook today the following quote “it’s better to build boys that mend men.”  As a congregation Journey is committed to reaching the severely broken with the gospel.  This committment is why we have a ministry in the NorthStar half way house and our Journey Underground recovery service.  But I must admit as I listen to the often tragic stories that I hear in those settings I can’t help but wonder how different these men’s lives would have been if they had grown up with good parents who loved the Lord.  Something to think about.  What can we do to help build boys (and girls)?  Men, is there a fatherless boy in your neighborhood that you could spend some extra time with?  Christian couples, is there a child who needs foster care that you could take in?  It’s been said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Sometimes the old sayings contain the deepest truths.

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister

Journey Christian Church

Fairbanks, Alaska


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