Are All Religions The Same?

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In our pluralistic, relativistic world it is popular to believe that all faith systems are equal.  That each one is an equally valid path to God.  This idea is based on the false idea that religions basically teach the same things.  This assumption is completely false.  I strongly encourage you to see what each major faith system teaches about God and Jesus as a starting point.  For example, Islam teaches there is one God.  Christianity does too but He is a Triune God–Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Buddhism teaches that there is no personal God at all.  Hinduism teaches that there are millions of gods.  Maybe there is more agreement about Jesus?  No way–Christianity teaches that Jesus is fully divine; in contrast, Islam teaches He is merely a great prophet, not God.  These are just a quick glimpse at the radical contradictions in truth claims between the various faith systems.  The intellectually honest person must make a choice.  Which of the claims are true?  Which are false?  Then a decision can be made.  Can you imagine a math teacher telling the class that the answers they give on a test don’t matter?  That all answers are basically the same.  Ridiculous.  2 plus 2 equals 4 not 12 or 9 or 7.  There is a right answer.  I encourage you to explore the various faith systems and make a decision based on the evidence.  As for me, I chose to follow the God-man who predicted His own death and on the third day walked out of His own grave.  I invite you to investigate and then make an informed decision.

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister

Journey Christian Church

Fairbanks, Alaska



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