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Finding balance in life is a challenge for most of us.  For those of us who are type A and love our work the struggle is not to work too much.  Many authors and speakers use juggling as an image for the responsibilities that we have to simultaneously handle in our lives.  So imagine 5 balls that you have to keep in the air constantly–Spiritual life, Physical Life, Relationships/Family, Work and Money.  This is the list I focus on; I’m sure yours is similar. You will find that each of the balls that you are keeping in the air can be made of various materials.  For instance the work ball is probably made of rubber in my life.  If I drop it accidently it will bounce right back up demanding to be dealt with.  The spiritual life is like a hard plastic.  I can drop it occasionally and find that God is startlingly forgiving and gracious.  However, the fragile one seems to be family.  I’m married with five children.  If I drop the ball with my wife, she remembers.   If I drop the ball with one of my kids there can be real damage.  This is the ball that more than any other best represents my legacy here on earth.  I encourage you to treat the family ball very carefully.  Please keep your eye on the ball!

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister

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