Beautiful Death

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Here in Fairbanks we are enjoying the beautiful fall weather most days.  Crisp cool air and the colorful leaves offer a feast for the eyes.  It’s interesting to me that I never notice the leaves on the trees until they begin to die; that’s when they become beautiful.  One of the great challenges of Scripture is that  believers are called to “die to self.”  It’s intriguing to me that people who live the most spectacular lives are those who are dying to self and living for Christ.  When I read about Rick Warren getting rich off his book “The Purpose Driven Life” and refusing to raise his standard of living, I was impressed.  Then going on to give the church he started and sacrificed for a gift equivalent to every penny they have ever paid him, wow!  And then I read that he lives on a reverse tithe–giving away 90% and living on 10%.  Remarkable!  I’m sure there are items and products that he could buy that he chooses not to so he can give away more.   Dying to self is challenging, yet beautiful. How can you and I die to self this week?

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister


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