Cold Stone Christianity

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The other day my kids and I went to Cold Stone’s Ice Cream to pick up a cake for my mother’s birthday.  When I was there I bought the kids some ice cream.  The store sells their ice cream in three sizes–Like it, Love It and Gotta Have It!  I got to thinking about the different types of “Christians” I’ve met over the years.  Some are “Like It Christians.”  They LIKE to dress up and attend on Easter. They LIKE the church with the best worship band or the most fun filled kid’s program.  These “Christians” are spiritual consumers.  Then there are the LOVE IT Christians.  This group takes things more seriously.  Doctrine matters to them.  They will treat difficult people with love and respect.   There is a geniune commitment of time, talents and resources to God’s kingdom.   You can build a strong church with these Christians.  And then there’s the GOTTA HAVE IT Christians.   These folks want everything God offers.  They want to see Him act in their lives and in their church.  The pray big prayers.  They dream God sized dreams.  They take risks for the kingdom and will pay any price to reach the lost.  With these Christians you can change the world!  So what kind of Christian are you?

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson,   Minister

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