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At our home when I log on the internet I have several options on which wireless network I can use to “get connected.”  If one doesn’t work I can try another.  I love the fact that God has done the same for us.  He has provided many ways for us to “connect” to Him.  My old faithful connection to God is the Word.  I love it; I feel closer to God when I study it.  But there are times when that is dry; I feel nothing.  So I’ll try prayer.  This has been a powerful spiritual pathway in my life.  But there are other pathways as well.  Most mornings (in the summer) I go for a long walk down the bike trail which follows the river for quite a ways.  I’m amazed at how much pleasure and connection I feel towards God by experiencing just a bit of nature.  Or what about books by Christian authors?  While not the Bible, I find these works incredibly helpful.  And one pathway that I have often used at crucial life changing moments has been fasting.  All of these spiritual pathways (and others) give us a dizzying array of ways to connect with God.  Remember He is the Vine and we are the branches. Our connection is vital and crucial to our spiritual growth.  Today I encourage you to try a few new “networks” and keep your connection with God strong.

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister

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