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Dellie and I took our kids out west of Fairbanks to go blueberry picking.  Because this is bear country I spent a few minutes reminding the children about how we would handle a bear encounter if that did occur.  We had our “bear mace”  (shoots up to 30 feet in 3-5 seconds).  Unfortunately, I wasn’t thinking about how my bear talk was affecting my three year old son Henry.  When we arrived Henry began to cry and didn’t want to get out of the van because the “bears were going to get him.”  Opps, my bear talk had terrified him.  I’m thinking “oh no I’ve ruined this outing.” And then Henry had an idea, he asked Maria to have me pray that the bears would go away.  So I did.  We prayed that the bears would go away and that God would take care of us.  After the prayer Henry was fine.  As a matter of fact he then got a stick and said “I want to go fight TWO bears.”  I love child like faith.  Henry had courage because he trusted God.  Do we?

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister

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