Different Kinds Of Lost

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It’s interesting to me that in the gospels the “bad” people such as tax collectors and prostitutes flocked to Jesus and the “good” people like the Pharisees and experts in the law of God oppossed Him.  I think it boils down to who understands the bad news of the Bible better.  The bad news of the Bible is that we are sinners.  We are rebels against God.  My favorite phrase that I read somewhere years ago is the we have all “committed cosmic treason” against God.  It appears when a person’s sins are more apparent, more blatant, there is a tendency to see their need for help and mercy from God.  But when a person’s sins are more subtle such as pride and self righteousness it blinds that individual to the need for God’s mercy.   Similarily a person who realizes they have AIDS would be enthusiastic about a cure whereas a person who doesn’t know they have the deadly disease might just shrug his shoulders.   We’re all infected by sin, whether it’s obvious to others or not God sees all.  And since He loves us he paid the ultimate price to offer us a cure–Jesus dying on the cross.  This expensive cure is available to all for free.  Will you accept it?

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister

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