Do Versus Done

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When I look at almost any relgious system in the world I find that the basic idea can be boiled down to doing certain things and then God will love you or at least like you better.  You can sum each of these systems up with the word DO.  For example, the Muslim should pray a certain number of times and in the proper direction each day.  This along with other good acts will help him earn God’s acceptance.  It’s like climbing a ladder of self effort to God.  The total opposite of this idea is the Christian faith in which God stoops down to save us from our sin problem.  We could not save ourselves.  Our good works are completely inadequate to do the job.  God sent His own Son to become a human, live a sinless life, offer that life on a cross for us and then rise from the dead to prove it worked.  This approach to God can be summed up with the word DONE.  Right before Jesus died on the cross He cried out, “It is finished.”  My understanding is that he basically yelled out an accounting term which means literally “paid in full.”  The price of our sins has been paid.  We don’t need to fret, worry or feel guilt over our sins anymore.  The penalty has been paid.  We are forgiven and set free!   DO versus DONE, the choice is yours.

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister

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