Embracing Failure

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Occassionally I’ve had the thought cross my mind “wouldn’t it great to be a weatherman?”  Why would I think such a thing?  Well, weathermen (or women) embrace failure.  How many times over the years have I watched a weather person totally miss it with their forecast. Sometimes it almost becomes a joke.  Most of us don’t have the luxury of being wrong so often with little to no consequences.   If as a minister I get my theology wrong I’m a heretic; most likely an unemployed heretic.  If an engineer messes up he’s the cause of a disaster.  If a doctor fails he is the defendent in a malpractice case.  While we can’t all be weathermen we can embrace failure.  There are times I mess up and times you do as well.  The key is how you handle it.  Have you ever stopped to think about the basic difference between the apostle Peter and the apostle Judas?  Both betrayed/denied Jesus; it can’t get much worse than that.  Yet Peter went on to be a powerful leader in the church and Judas ended his life at the end of a rope.   Accept, own, and even embrace your failure.  Throw yourself on God’s grace and move forward.  The question is not if you’ll fall; the question is will you get up when you fall.  To borrow a phrase from John Maxwell “Fail Forward.”   Just something to think about.

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister


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