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All Christians agree that part of following Jesus is being evangelistic.  We believe that based on our lives filled with sin we deserve hell not heaven.  And yet because of what Jesus did on the cross we can have purpose filled lives here and an eternity with God in heaven.  This is good news; the best news ever.  And yet so many of us have “spiritual lock jaw.”  We get nervous about sharing our faith with others.  Let me give you some basic advice on how to do evangelism that hopefully is helpful.

1. Pray regularly for opportunities.  God will answer this prayer.  Make a list and prayer regularly about certain people you hope to share the gospel with.

2.  Live a holy, outwardly focused life.  This gives you credibility when you do speak.

3.  Think about how to articulate the gospel in one or two minutes.  Practice this brief explanation.

4.  Raise the flag that you are Christian.  Mention church or prayer or the Bible or Christ regularly.  Let people know you are a Christian.   You never know where the conversation might go.

5.  Feel free to say “I don’t know”  if you get some objection to the faith.  But be aware of resources that give credible answers that you could mention or circle back and give as a gift.  One example, would be “The Case For Faith” by Lee Stroble (former atheist).

6.  When people are hurting offer practical help and offer to pray for them.  I encourage you to pray for them right then.  Many people have never had anyone pray for them; it can be very powerful.

Let be me close with the idea that it’s crucial to “Be good news before sharing good news.”   When people look at your life would they want what you have?   I encourage you this week to share the gospel with someone.

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister

Journey Christian Church





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