Eyes of Grace

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Today my 11 year old daughter Maria and my 3 year old son Henry treated me to a musical performance.  Maria played her French Horn and Henry sang “Mary had a little lamb.”  Technically speaking the performance left a great deal to be desired.  A music critic would have ripped it to shreds.  However, as a father who loves his children I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The word adorable comes to mind.  You see I watched the performance through eyes of love and grace.  My kids don’t have to perform perfectly for me to be pleased with them.  In the same way because of the cross of Christ God the Father can look at us through eyes of grace and love not strictly justice.   Perfection is the standard but grace is what we receive.  The demand of perfection would crush and condemn us but grace frees us.  Amazing grace indeed.

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister

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