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There is a popular story of an old man lying on his death bed.  He’s talking with his wife of 50 years.  He said, “Myrtle, thanks for being there with me throughout life’s ups and downs.  He said, “I remember when you were with me when I got in that terrible auto accident.”  She nodded and remembered that painful time.  He said, “And you were with me when we almost died in that house fire.”  She nodded knowingly.  He went on, “I remember when you were with me when we got caught in that flood.”  She gently patted his hand.  Then he turned to her and and his eyes narrowed and said, “Myrtle, now that I think about it; I think you’re bad luck.”  Ok, I know it’s not a hallmark card but it makes me smile.  The reality is that marriage is “for better for worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health.”  Marriage can be one of our greatest relationships because it is based on rock solid commitment to Christ and to each other.  When it’s based solely on passion, or romance, or feelings it will falter and not survive, but commitment is a solid foundation.  The Bible talks about a husband and wife becoming “one.”  We are united in purpose.  Let’s make sure our marriages are based on the right foundation. 

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister

Journey Christian Church

Fairbanks, Alaska


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