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My children laugh about the time our Golden Retreiver Sampson got out of our yard and I angrily went chasing after him.  He got into our neighbor’s yard across the street.  I promptly jumped their fence and aggressively went after our dog.  But while I was focused on our dog Sampson I didn’t notice our neighbor’s black dog Willy.  Willy snuck up behind me and bit me on the rear end, ripping my pants.  He actually drew blood.  Have you ever jumped a fence and gotten bitten because of it?  Good fences are like good rules, they are there to protect. Parents give their children rules not because they love power but because they love their children.  God gives us guidance through the Bible because he desires the best life for us.  And life is better if we’re honest and content and loving and willing to serve.  Now remember we’re not saved by following God rules.  He doesn’t love us more if we follow His rules.  But the reality is that God knows how life works best, perhaps we should listen. 

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister

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