Finding your niche

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Over the last few days we took our entire family to the UAF campus downtown to have our teeth cleaned by students in their dental program.  It was a very positive and economical experience and very helpful for our large family.  Kate the young lady who cleaned my teeth (and Tony’s) did a great job.  But what amused me was her enthusiasm.  She genuinely loved teeth.  She told me several things I never knew about teeth and was geniunely excited to clean my teeth.  At the end of my visit I told her that she was in the right profession, I had never met anyone so passionate about teeth.  While I can’t say in this case I get it, it’s fun to see passion in people.   Just as I can spend hours engrossed in an old theology book written by a long dead author and walk away invigorated; she was thrilled to clean teeth.  God wired each of us to fill a different niche in life.  What is your niche?  How has God wired you?  Like Kate I hope you find your sweet spot of passion; it’s truly the best way to live.

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister


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