Finish Strong

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Have you ever started something and then just not finished? I have. As a matter of fact if you go back a few blogs you’ll find that I intended to write one blog, a day, every day of our 40 days of prayer. I did not remotely finish. Now I will tell you that my pride told me that I should erase the ones I did write so people couldn’t see that I started and quit or write a bunch and make it look like I did finish. However, I have chosen to leave my blog record as it is as a reminder to me that sometimes I start things and don’t finish. Have you ever started to hold the line with your child and then given in? Have you started a diet and then three days or three weeks in totally abandoned it? Let me put the ho ho down and finish this, just kidding. Finishing matters. It matters at work. It matters in our relationships. And it matters in our Christian faith. Many a person has made a decision to follow Christ and then walked away. Some say they were never saved in the first place; I think they might have been geniunely saved but like the parable of the soils they were ground that allowed weeds to grow up and choke out their spiritual life. Have you ever noticed how even some of the “saints” didn’t finish well? Solomon, the wisest man to ever live, spent much of his life mired in lust and the worship of false gods. Or Noah, the one man whose family God chose to spare when he judged the world with a flood and the last scene we are given of his life is that he went and got drunk. Let’s make sure that we persevere. Let’s make sure that we finish strong. Let’s make sure that our last season of life has the most impact for God’s kingdom. Please join me as I commit myself to finishing well.

Under His Mercy,
Derek Dickinson
Journey Christian Church

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