God Provides

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In our personal lives we have seen God provide for us financially.  This does not mean that we have no debt or never face financial pressure because we do.  One example, when we were first beginning our process of starting Journey Church we went through church planter assessment.  It’s an expensive program (about $1,100).  We scrapped together the money and wrote the check but it literally took everything we had.  At the end of the several day assessment they called us in to let us know that we passed and they believed that God was calling us to start a church.  At that time they informed us that East 91st Street Christian Church was going to pay for the assessmet fee and handed back our uncashed check!   Another amazing example was when we were in Indianapolis and serving University Heights Christian Church.  Every Sunday after church a senior citizen, Clark Maudlin, always took out our entire family out to lunch (we had four children at the time).  It was a simple act but an incredible gesture of generosity to a struggling family that was striving to follow God.  I’m sure I’ll share other examples in future blogs.  I encourage you to stop and count your blessing stories.  How has God provided for you? 

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister

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