God, Unedited

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In the Bible we read about ancient idolotry and we’re baffled.  How can a person take stone or wood and carve out a “god” and then worship it?  And yet, we have a tendency to want to fashion or shape God in ways that please us.   For example, how do you feel about the following quote from Charles Stanley?

“I remind you that there are about 500 references to anger in the Bible and about 350 of them are in reference to God being angry.”  (Surviving In An Angry World, Charles Stanley, 30)

The Bible’s image of a Holy God who is angry at our sin doesn’t fit with the kindly old grandpa god that many Americans want to worship.  A “god” who pats us on the head and says “It’s all right I love you no matter what”  is so much more appealing than the real God who often says REPENT.   The real God is both loving AND HOLY.  Let’s keep our message balanced.

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister

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