God's Miraculous Leading

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I just wanted to share a story that impressed me:  The year was 1908.  Missionaries John Perkins and his wife were on a steamship round the coast of Liberia.  As the ship made it around Garraway Bay they sensed the Holy Spirit wanted them to get off the boat.   Unknown to them in that region was a man named Jasper Toe.  He was a God fearing man who practiced his tribal rituals, but had never heard of Jesus Christ.   He kept praying to the Creator God.  I want to find you.   He actually heard a voice. 

“Go to Garraway Beach.  You will see a box on the water, with smoke coming out of it.  And from that box on the water will come some people in a small box.  These people in this small box will tell you how to find Me.”

So Jasper Toe traveled 7 days on foot to get to that beach.  He arrived on Christmas Day 1908.  When John Perkins went to the captain and said “let us off here.”  The captain said no because canabals lived in that area.  John Perkins insisted and the captain let them go.   When they  arrived on the beach Jasper Toe was waiting to welcome them.  He led them back to his village.  He became their first convert.  They started a church in that village.  Jasper Toe became well known as a godly leader who ended up leading many churches  (Primal, Mark Batterson, 141).  Sometimes I think that my greatest problem is my God is too small.  I tend to forget that He can and sometimes does ANYTHING!  How big is your God?  Is He as powerful as the Scripture teaches?  Last I checked we serve a God who created the universe by speaking, parted the Red Sea, fed millions in the wilderness day after day with manna, opened the eyes of the blind, healed the leper and raised Jesus Christ from the dead!  That’s the God we serve.   Let’s try not to forget it.

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister

Journey Christian Church

Fairbanks, Alaska




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