God's Provision

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The Scripture teaches God is our provider.  So how does this work?  What does this mean?  I’ve heard older Christians say that they have never been late on a bill.  That has not been our experience.  We’ve had late bills.  However, we have at least 100 stories where God has come through in some way as our provider.   Let me share just one example from planting Journey Church.  I remember being at the State fair in August and we were going to launch the church in October.  Here I was at a booth advertising a church that was about to start but didn’t have a worship leader or any leads on one.  But by faith we advertised anyway.  I think it was right after the fair that Jeff Mayes saw an internet ad that I placed and told me that he was being transfered to Fairbanks and his wife was a worship leader.  I ended up hiring her and they were a huge help in launching Journey.  Now that is not a money story but still an example of God’s provision.  And one that to this day I am still grateful for.  I’ll tell some money stories tomorrow. 

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister

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