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This morning when our three year old son Henry woke up I was at the gym working out and Dellie was taking a shower.  Apparently he went to one of his sibling and asked “where have all my parents gone?”  We chuckled about this but for millions of children this question is no laughing matter.   There are children around the world who are orphans; who will take care of them?  There are hundreds of thousands of children in the U.S. currently in foster care.  Have you ever stopped to think about what a difference you could make in the life of a child? It could be a fairly small commitment such as giving $38 a month to support a Compassion child or giving a couple hours a week to be a “Big brother” or “Big Sister” to a child that could use some extra help.   Or what if millions of American Christians would step out in faith and consider adopting orphans from around the world or kids right here at home.  The Bible says that one of the ways true religion is revealed is by how we treat orphans.  Some child in a slum in India or a back alley in Indianapolis may be asking right now “So where did my parents go?”    How should you answer?

Derek Dickinson, Minister

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