Grace and Works

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Sometimes Christians struggle with the role of grace and works.  Let me illustrate very simply.  My son Joe goes to my gym Planet Fitness with me several times a week.  I’m the one who paid the price of a membership.  He is my guest.  He cannot go there without me.  The way he gets there is at my invitation and he hops into my vehicle and rides with me.  That is grace–unmerited favor.  Joe in no way earned his way into Planet Fitness.  However, what he gets out of the experience is up to him.  If he went to the gym and sat in the massage chair the whole time he would never build any muscle.  But if he goes and works out hard then his body gets stronger and stronger.  It’s been said “no one can do your push ups for you” and it’s true.  God offers us salvation and grace but whether we live a changed life is in our hands.  The Holy Spirit empowers us and helps but doesn’t overrule our free will.   We are saved by grace which results in good works.  Let’s put our best effort into our faith.

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister

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