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Home.  It’s a powerful word isn’t it?  Over the last week I’ve experienced various expressions of home.  I went back to Indianapolis, IN where I grew up and have spent several days with my parents and my sister and her family.  As I drive around I pass my old junior high and high school and the places where I worked for my high school and college years.  My mom has made some of my favorite meals.  All different pieces of what “home” means to me.  Then for the last several days I went to the North American Christian Convention.  I ran into former ministers from my home church, professors from graduate school and even my aunt and uncle.  All more pieces of my concept of home.  In about a week and a half I’ll return back to Fairbanks where I’ll return to the house I own and be reunited with my wife and three of my children and get to go my church again.  All more pieces of what “home” means to me.  Do you ever stop to wonder about heaven?  It will be the ultimate home for us.  There will be amazing food (the wedding feast of the lamb) and you can eat all you want and you won’t gain a pound!  There will be loved ones, Christian friends and family members that I long to see again.  But most importantly, Jesus will be there.  In the words of Dorothy (of Wizard of Oz fame) “There’s no place like home.”

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister

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