Home Alone

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Last night I battled the flu; getting sick about once an hour.  It was ugly, not fun.  So today my wife goes off to work and I am to stay with the children.  Normally I could run them to our friend’s day care if I needed to, but not today, I don’t want to get them all sick.  So here I am home alone with two, three year old boys and one, two year old girl for the day.  So far they have been pretty good but when you’re sick anyway it’s not very enjoyable.  Today is an example of duty and responsiblility.  I want to just stay in bed but these children need to be taken care of.   Marriages won’t last, great churches can never be built unless people practice responsibility. Life is not a resort; it’s following God’s call on your life whereever that takes us and whatever the cost.  Duty and Responsibility are old fashioned words but they never go out of style.  Well, I better sign off I need to go try and recruit some more volunteers for church.

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister

Journey Christian Church

Fairbanks, Alaska




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