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In sports announcers will sometimes talk about the home team advantage.   This means that the team on the field gets the benefit of affirmation, applause and encouragement from the majority of the specators.  One of the changes I have noticed in the culture over the years has been the loss of the home team advantage for the church.  Back 18 years ago when I began ministry in Kentucky the community agreed with and reinforced most of the messages that we taught in church.  Today the culture has turned it’s back on Christian values and the commands of Scripture particularly when it comes to morality.  Today as a church we are likely to get booed when we say homosexuality is a sin or that life begins at conception or that Jesus is the only way to heaven.   This is harder for Christian leaders and typical Christians to take; we prefer to be liked and approved of.  Yet Jesus called us to take up a cross, an instrument of death, and follow Him.  Last I checked living the Christian life is not the quickest way to win a popularity contest and it never will be.  Let’s find our acceptance and significance in the Father’s approval.  I hope each of us will someday here from God Himself, “well done good and faithful servant.”  That’s enough for me. 

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister

Journey Christian Church

Fairbanks, Alaska




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