Increasing Danger

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According to my facebook (about 11 minutes ago)  a neighbor of mine posted for people to be aware that a mother and baby moose are walking down our street. She posted it to warn those of us with children to be on the look out for our kids.  You see a mother moose can be very dangerous, she could easily kill a human child that she perceived as a threat to her baby (simply walking between her and her baby could do it).  This is a dangerous world isn’t it?  Especially for children.  The moose threat reminds me that the older I get the more threats I’m aware of (the threat of angry moose did not exist where I lived in Indiana growing up).  My deceased grandparents could never have imagined the threat of internet porn to the children of this generation.  The idea of the world’s largest adult bookstore in everyone’s home would have been unimaginable and yet that is what I as a parent deal with (filters are very helpful, but not 100%).   This is one of the reasons why praying for our kids is so important.  I can’t predict, let alone protect, my children from every possible threat but I know the one who can.   God is completely sovereign.  He sees all.  No threat surprises Him.  Parents, pray for your kids today.  Place them in the hands that are even better than AllState!

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister

Fairbanks, Alaska


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