Is the Resurrection true?

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Is the Resurrection true?  Did Jesus really predict His own death and then on the third day walk out of his own grave?  This is one of the most fundamental questions about the Christian faith.  Christianity rises or falls on the answer.  If Jesus rose from the dead then all that he taught about Himself is true.  If Jesus is still dead then Christianity is completely false.  While entire books have been written on this subject let me give you a few reasons why I believe Jesus really did rise from the dead:

1.  THE APOSTLES.  The apostles who were in the position to KNOW whether Jesus rose from the dead all suffered and most were martyred for their message that Jesus defeated death.  The incredible change in the apostles, they went from being somewhat cowardly, fickle followers to fully devoted–the resurrection is the best explanation.

2.  THE CHURCH.  Instead of dispersing after the death of Jesus it expands.  Shortly afterwards the apostles preached in Jerusalem (where people could easily go investigate the resurrection claims) and thousands joined!  This wasn’t a legend that grew up over time but a historical event that caused the beginning of the Christian Church which now encompasses about 2 billion people and is spread around the world!

3.  THE BIBLE.  While I believe that the Bible is the infallible/inerrant word of God most historians would at least acknowledge that the Bible is  a “pretty good history book.”  The bible says that Jesus rose from the dead; and it’s reputation for historical accuracy lends credibilty to the claim of the resurrection.

4.  RADICAL CHANGES IN THE JEWISH FOLLOWERS OF JESUS.    Notice that the devoutly Jewish followers of Jesus change their view of God from “God is one” to “God is three in one.”  The Jewish followers of Jesus quit offering sacrifices at the temple.  They change their day of worship from saturday to Sunday to celebrate the resurrection.  All of these changes together are very radical but make perfect sense if Jesus rose from the dead.

These are not the only reasons I believe in the Resurrection but they give you a start if you’re interested in investigating this crucial issue.

Jesus rose from the dead.  I’ve staked my eternity on it.

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister

Journey Christian Church

Fairbanks, Alaska



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