Journey Church 2014

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November 9th

Questions: How does a good, all powerful and loving God fit with pain, suffering, and evil? by Derek Dickinson
–Text: Various

Prayer Testimony:  by Lacy

November 2nd

Questions: Do sincere followers of all religions go to heaven? by Derek Dickinson
–Text: Various

October 26th

Questions: What should a christian know about spiritual warfare? by Derek Dickinson
–Text: Various

October 12th

Questions: Why should I believe the Bible? by Derek Dickinson
–Text: 2 Timothy 3:16-17

October 5th

Journey Christian Church: 10th Anniversary by Derek Dickinson

September 28th

Eternity: Holiness of God by Derek Dickinson
–Text: Isaiah 6:1-8

September 21th

Eternity: Heaven by Derek Dickinson
–Text: Rev 22:1-4

September 14th

Eternity: Hell  by Derek Dickinson
–Text: Various

September 7th

Eternity: Judgment  by Derek Dickinson
–Text: Rev 20:11-15

August 31th

Working for Jesus by Derek Dickinson
–Text: Various

Missions: Tom and Wendy Hogan

August 24th

Philippians   by Brian Roberts
–Text: Philippians

August 17th

Philippians: Peace  by Derek Dickinson
–Text: Phil 4:1-9

Testimony  by Jim Wiseland of Arctic Resource Center for Suicide Prevention

August 10th

Philippians: The Secrets to Christian Growth by Mike Edmunds
–Text: Phil 3:12-14

August 3rd

Philippians: Messiah Over Morality by Derek Dickinson
–Text: Phil 3:1-11                  Outline

July 27th

Philippians: Light in the Darkness by Derek Dickinson
–Text: Phil 2:12-30                  Outline

Mission Team: Minto

July 20th

Philippians: The Elusive Virtue by Derek Dickinson
–Text: Phil 1:12-30                         Outline

Testimony by Chad

July 13th

Philippians: Surprising Joy by Derek Dickinson
–Text: Phil 1:12-30                          Outline

Testimony by Doug

July 6th

Philippians: Hope from Prison by Alex Luebbe
–Text: Phil 1:1-11

June 29th

Working the Assembly Line by Alex Luebbe

June 22th

Our Secret Weapon by Derek Dickinson
–Text: John 14:12-14                       Outline

June 15th

Real Men, Real Fathers by Derek Dickinson
–Text: Various, Derek opened with this video            Outline

June 8th

Jesus Encounters the Insider and the Outcast by Derek Dickinson
–Text: John 3&4

June 1st

Living Sacrificially for God by Alex Luebbe
–Text: Luke 7:36-50

May 24th

Living Sacrifices by Derek Dickinson
–Text: Romans 12:1-2

May 18th

Transformation by Derek Dickinson
–Text: Ephesians 2:1-10

May 11th

Raising Godly Children by Derek Dickinson
–Text: Various

May 4th

Grief and Loss by Derek Dickinson
–Text: Various

April 27th

Dealing with Difficult People by Derek Dickinson
–Text: Various

April 20th

Death Defeated by Derek Dickinson
–Text: John 20:1-21

April 13th

Making an Entrance by Derek Dickinson
–Text: Matthew 21:1-11

April 6th

Healing Old Wounds by Derek Dickinson
–Text: Matthew 18:21-35

March 30th

Radical Giving by Derek Dickinson
–Text: Luke 21:1-4

March 23th

That’s not Fair! by Derek Dickinson
–Text: Matthew 20:1-16

Missions Update: CICM  by Brian Roberts

March 16th

Astonishing Faith by Derek Dickinson
–Text: Matthew 8:5-13                 Outline

March 3rd

Ezekiel Pt4: Surprising Hope  by Derek Dickinson
–Text: Ezekiel 37:1-14                           Outline

Church Plant Update: Common Table Seattle  by Dan & Joanie Jacobs

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