New Glasses

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Lately I’ve been wearing my glasses alot. Although I normally wear contact lenses, my right eye has been irritated, forcing me to rely on glasses that usually I reserve for just around the house. Before going to Journey Underground tonight, I began to think about the lenses through which we see life. A few weeks ago I listened to a ridiculous country song called “Billie’s got his beer goggles on.” The point of the song was that Billie was seeing the world in a distorted way because he had downed a few beers. How many people’s view of life is blurry in a similar way? So many look at life through the lenses of lust, the glasses of greed, and the spectacles of selfishness. What if we allowed the cross of Christ to be the lens through which we viewed the world? Wouldn’t it change how we view God? We’d see both his holiness, which has to punish sin, and his love, which was willing to provide his own Son to do it. Wouldn’t it change how we see others? We’d see people made in the image of God, so loved that God went to the greatest lengths to provide a way for them to be saved. And finally wouldn’t it change how we view ourselves? Instead of being worthless we would be valuable. Instead of being unwanted we would be sought after. Instead of being sinful rebels against God we would become his beloved children. Please accept the cross as the lens through which you experience life–a new world awaits.

Under His Mercy,
Derek Dickinson, Minister

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