One Way Streets

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A few days ago I was driving in downtown Fairbanks. I was about to go through an intersection when out of the corner of my eye I saw a vehicle speeding towards me. Thankfully I stopped in time. It was a woman who was driving the wrong way down a one way street. You see, there are some agreed upon rules for driving that if we all follow things are pretty safe. However, when individuals start doing whatever they want or whatever feels good then disaster can occur. If the STOP sign only means pause to me then I can hurt myself or others. If “One Way” only means the “Preferred Way” then accidents happen and pain and suffering follow. We Christians like to emphasize that Christianity is about a relationship with God, this is absolutely true. We like to down play a focus on rules but there are rules in Scripture. One author even called the Bible “the book of No.” Rules are not the essence of Christianity; but they do help us live, and God’s rules are for our best. Just as I tell my kids NOT to play in the street; God tells us not to do some activities because He loves us. I was deeply saddened yesterday to hear our “Christian” President Obama come out in favor of same sex marriages. Homosexuality is clearly condemned in Scripture. Prohibition of homosexuality has been an accepted standard of most cultures throughout human history. But now our President knows better. He knows better than God, the Bible and even common sense. Stunning. Now that I think about it when the woman who almost hit me drove past me I suspect she was mouthing the words “Yes, We Can!”

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson
Journey Christian Church

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