Painful Independence

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Yesterday the boys and I went to Holiday World with my parents and my sister and her children.  It was a fun day full of waterslides, wave pools and amusement rides.  As one of the benefits of the ticket price the park offers free sunscreen lotion.  I dutifully put it on my face, shoulders, chest and everywhere else I could reach.  However, I could not reach very well to cover my back.  Instead of asking one of my boys to do it I just went without.  Today I am paying the price with a good sun burn.  While a minor example it’s just one glimpse of trying to do life “on your own.”  God teaches us that we are to do life together.  The apostle Paul uses the image of the body of Christ to describe the church.  Each of us is one part of the larger whole.  We are to depend on God and each other.  We all have unique giftings and talents that enable us to expand God’s kingdom better together.  Are you trying to “do it alone” or are you truly living life in community?

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister

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