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Wednesday morning I returned home, after running an errand, to our downstairs flooded.  I spent much of the day on my knees, not in prayer, but vacuuming up water with the wet vac.  I thought the water was from the shower.  That night raw sewage bubbled up into the shower on that floor.  Lovely!  Now we called in the professionals.  Hundreds of dollars later much of our downstairs carpet has been ripped out and will need to be replaced.  Parts of the bottom of the walls have been damaged.  Now the plumbers told us that they had to blow out a blockage that was part of the way to the street where our sewer main line is.  Now this blockage may have been ice, which is very likely.  But it’s also very likely that it was ice formed around something that one of our three year olds threw down the toilet.  You see for the last week we’ve been fighting a battle with three, three year old (one is our own child and two are foster children we’ve had for three months.  They are fascinated with the idea of flushing items down the toilets.  With our amateur plumbing abilities we have recovered dental floss and socks.  While we think we watch them carefully all it takes is a minute.  We will never know the answer to whether our little tikes are guilty or innocent of this incident.   If they are guilty our foster parenting salary went from maybe $1 an hour per child to now a pretty massive negative number!  Parenting is like that isn’t it?  There is a high cost.  There are financial, emotional and even spiritual costs to having children.  But as a father of 7 (5 and 2 foster kids) I for one believe it’s worth it.  I can’t help but think of our Heavenly Father.  What did it cost Him to make us His children?  It cost the life of His Son Jesus offered on a cross.  All the inconveniences that my kids cost me are nothing compared to the ultimate parent.  Aren’t we glad he’s willing to pay the price to be in relationship with us.

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson



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