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This morning I went and started our 1999 Toyota Sienna mini van.  I had to climb in from the passenger side door because last week I broke the handle on the driver’s side when I got locked out of my office and the running van when it was –50 and I had to walk a few blocks.  I got locked out because sometimes our van locks when you leave it running to warm up, not all the time mind you, just every once in a while.  In addition this morning, we have two foster children and I struggled to get them in their car seats because the passenger side sliding door doesn’t open any more so I actually have to climb in the van to put both children in. My mind began to go down the path of complaining about our old faithful van and why don’t we have the money to buy a new van, etc.  And then I remembered that I have a beautiful, bright wife, 5 healthy kids, and a job I love.  In addition, I remembered the freedoms we have here in this country and the fact I read awhile back that if you own a vehicle you’re in the richest 8% of the world.  Oh.

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister



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