Power of Thank You

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Last night I went to a free parenting seminar at the University of Alaska Fairbanks taught by Jedd Hafer of Love and Logic Institute.  One of the items he shared that I found fascinating had to do with the power of “thank you.”  He said that McDondalds restuarants did a study.  They had two trash cans side by side in their restuarants.  One said, “Put Trash Here” the other simply said, “Thank You.”  So you had a “pushy trash can” and an “appreciative trash can” right next to each other.  Which one do you think people used?  Well, the trash can with the words “Thank You” filled up about 4 times faster than the “pushy trash can”  every time.  “Thank you” is powerful isn’t it?  I encourage you to use those words today.

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister

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