Powerful Culture

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Culture exerts a great deal of influence on us.  For example, my three year old son Henry has spent his entire life in Fairbanks, Alaska.  The other day we bought him a toy nativity scene.  He enjoys playing with baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph but especially the animals.  I was listening to him the other day and he was playing with two animals from the play set, one a donkey and the other an ox.  But as I listened he was playing with a donkey and a “moose!” As a little boy growing up in Indiana I would never have made an ox a moose, that wasn’t part of my culture.  I am always asking myself to evaluate the hundreds of messages a day that I receive from my culture.  What lines up with a Biblical worldview and what doesn’t?  This is hard to see isn’t it?  Just as “Christian” Southern Plantation owners participated in slavery, we can be blind to culturally acceptable sins in our culture as well.  Most American Christians will watch TV programs and movies that make Jesus blush without batting an eye.  Most American Christians will mindlessly absorb the culture’s message that we’ll be happy if we have more stuff, especially the newest and “best” stuff.  I encourage you to develop a biblically trianed mind that can detect the lies our culture whispers and sometimes shouts.  READ the Scripture.  STUDY the Scripture.  MEMORIZE the Scripture.  Marinate your mind in it.  It’s the best and only antitode to a corrumpt culture; transform your life by the renewal of the mind through the word.

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister

Journey Christian Church

Fairbanks, Alaska



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