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Sometimes I encounter people who are intimidated by prayer.  They think they need to pray PROPERLY.  Maybe they believe there is an official position (down on your knees?)  Or possibly they think that King James English is required for God to listen.  Personally, I like what Author Anne Lamott once said about there being only a few kinds of prayer and all of them are simple.  Technically She said there are three kinds of prayer: 

1. “God help me, and help me right now!”

2. “Wow!”

3. “Thank you, God.”

I think there are more than three kinds of prayer but her list is a great start and sums up the majority of most prayer lives. Today at lunch my 2 year old son Henry gave the prayer.  His prayer in it’s entirety was “Jesus-God, Amen.”  And you know, I think God enjoyed all 4 seconds of it.  Prayer is just geniunely talking to God.   Which one could you use today?

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister

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