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Have you ever watched children play “king of the hill?”  They push and shove in order to stand on top of the hill.  Pride– the original temptation in the Garden of Eden.  Satan tempted Eve with the idea that she would have special knowledge and be like God.  Her sin then separated her from God and even from Adam for a time.  How many times have you seen pride separate married couples, friends and even divide churches?  How many times have you seen an argument escalate because pride got involved?  Periodically it would be good for each us to evaluate whether our words are motivated by pride or by humility.  Humility draws people to us.  Pride pushes others away.    Once we settle the “King Issue” in our lives there is alot less pushing and shoving in life.  Like the early American revolutionaries we too should cry, “No King But Jesus.” 

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister

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