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In his new book Hell Is Real But I Hate To Admit It  Brian Jones tells the story of his family driving from Dayton , Ohio to Dallas, Texas.  On the way they passed through Louisville, KY.   He and his wife and children had just taken a bathroom break and now he was going to make some “good time.”  
As he’s driving he saw a plume of smoke rising from the rooftop of a small apartment complex.  He thought it looked like a small fire.  He reassured himself that surely someone had called 911 and everything would be fine.  But as he was driving he began to wonder “What if I’m the only person who is seeing this right now?    He began to debate in his mind.  Should we stop?  Should we keep going?  He exited and circled back.  When he got there he discovered that yes it was a fire on the roof of an apartment building and no one was there.  He had his wife call 911 and then he ran into the building and started pounding on doors.    One young man answered still smoking his joint.  Then that young man helped pound on doors as well.  Brian, alerted  two other couples in their apartments.  One of them knew an older lady on the third floor that might have trouble getting out quickly; they ran up and got her just in time.  Her apartment had a great deal of smoke and she was struggling to get out.  As Brian stood there among those who he had helped the thought hit him:  “What would have happened if I had kept driving?”  

We need to remember what the Scripture teaches about hell and God’s wrath.  Our non-Christian friends and family are in severe danger.  It is crucial that as we journey through our busy lives that we make sure that we stop, circle back and lovingly share the truth with those who are headed for hell.  Who in your life do you need to have a serious conversation with?

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister

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