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10 Days ago my mother returned home to find my father flat on the floor as the result of what is called a “bleeding stroke.”  It was a scary time for our family, we didn’t know if he would live or die.  He survived.  When I arrived in Indy Dad could only say one or two words with great effort.  I stayed a week and by the end he could move everything, speak, recognize many people, laugh at jokes and even read.  Where he struggled was his short term memory appears to be scrambled.  The doctors say this is typical after this kind of stroke and the surgery to fix it.  They seem very optimistic that with time Dad will have a complete recovery.  Our conversations with my father during this time have been interesting to say the least.  Sometimes he is at the airport,  sometimes in Lebanon.  Sometimes Bush is president, other times Obama.  Sometimes it’s 2011 other times 1956.  You don’t appreciate how important memory is until it’s scrambled or compromised.  Have you ever noticed how often in Scripture we are told to remember?  God was often having the people set up memorials to help the Jewish people remember all that God had done for them.  For example, God established the Passover meal as a memorial to remind His people of how He delivered them from slavery in Egypt.  God had them set up a pile of memorial stones after the miraculous crossing of the Jordan River to remember that incredible event.  In the new testament Jesus established the Lord’s Supper as a simple but powerful reminder of the giving of his body and blood on the cross for our sins.  I encourage you today to look back over your life and to simply remember some of the times God has come through for you–answered prayers, miraculous provision, stunning “coincidences.”  What are some ways that you could do a better job of remembering all that God has done?  Journaling is one idea that could be helpful.  Keep a record of prayer requests and how God answered them.  Why don’t you consider creating your own personal book of remembrance today?

Derek Dickinson, Minister

Journey Christian Church

Fairbanks, Alaska



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