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Are you too busy?  Feeling overextended or exhausted? Me too.  Unfortunately many of us, Christians included, wear workaholism as a badge of honor.  I once saw a cartoon where a harried person said his “to-do list was so long that he would never die.” Full throttle living is the norm for most of us; but there is another way.  A life of busyness AND rest.  A life of work AND sabbath.  This balance should mark our lives.   Author Adele Calhoun once said, “Rest is a transcendent anchor in the midst of doing.”  Now for me to find any sense of balance has required intentionality.  “I will take a day off” must be repeated over and over in my mind and I have to plan how that can happen.  I must lighten up on myself.  Some phone calls won’t be returned promptly, some requests for my time will be denied, and some people will be disappointed that I did not meet their expectations.  This is the path to wholeness and spiritual health.  Just as I rest a different muscle group each day during my exercise regiment I must rest my whole body.  Just as I had to wear glasses for a month to let my eye repair itself from being scratched by my contact, I must sometimes step back.  The Scripture says “Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.”  While Sabbath moved from Saturday to Sunday under the apostles the concept of a day of rest and worship remains.  I encourage you to carve out a sabbath from your busy schedule.  Well I better sign off I think I need a nap!

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister

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