Sacred Parenting

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Sacred Parenting is the name of a book and video series by Gary Thomas.  I was watching the video series and in it he said, “God is using us to raise our kids but he’s also using our kids to raise us.”  I thought that was intriguing.  As a parent of 5 children and recently 2 foster children I can tell you that parenting has a way of stripping away our selfishness and helping us become servants.  When our foster boy hits me, kicks me and even spits I learn patience in a way I probably never would have.  Each of my children challenge my selfishness.  Each one teaches me to love unconditionally.  Parenting is maturing me.  It’s one of God’s greatest tools to make us like Christ.  Parents, remember sometimes the parenting process is about changing your kids and sometimes is about changing you.

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson


Journey Christian Church

Fairbanks, Alaska



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