Saved From and Saved For

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It’s very important for us to acknowledge and appreciate what God’s grace saves us from–God’s wrath and hell.  But it’s also crucial to acknowledge that we are not just saved from something but for something.  We are saved to serve!  I love that when Jesus healed Peter’s sick mother in law she immediately got up and served them.  I enjoy the fact that when God saved Jonah from the sea with a large fish and delivered him to the shore he spared Jonah from death and saved him to share his message to Israel’s enemies.  So when God saves us he expects us to do more than sit back passively.  We have a mission.  We are to make disciples of all people.  This is what we are saved for.  We are to serve people, love people and point them to Jesus Himself.  Today ask yourself.  What am I living for?  Who am I influencing?  Something to think about.

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister

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