Sept 11

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As I think about today, which was September 11, what are just a few of the lessons to learn 12 years after America’s largest terrorist induced tragedy.
–Any day could be your last day in this life. Hundreds went to bed the night before and expected their normal routine the next day only to have their lives end in a shockingly, sudden way. Love God and love others today while you can. Accept Christ so that you can be certain of having an eternity in heaven.
–Evil is real. We are often told today that all opinions are equal. All “truths” are equal and should be respected. 9/11 reminds us that some theologies and belief systems are wrong, even evil. And that wrong beliefs have terrible consequences. The test of truth is not sincerity. The bombers were 100% sincere. They believed that Allah would reward them for killing thousands of “evil Americans.” Truth is truth and is to be respected when it lines up with reality. God, through his word defines reality and gives us truth we can count on.
–Men/Women can be heroic. All of us are made in the image of God. This means that we are valuable and at times can do great good. In the midst of the tragedy of 9/11 we saw policemen, firefighters, EMT’s and everyday people acting heroically. As sad as 9/11 was, there were shining moments of inspiration.
–God does not remove all tragedy and pain from our lives but brings good from it. Romans teaches us that God brings good out of bad. 9/11 was undeniably horrible, however, God did bring good out of it. Some turned to God to find comfort. The nation pulled together. In hundreds of individual stories God woven triumph into their tragedy.
–Remembering matters. Throughout the Bible God’s people have put up memorials to remember significant moments. For many 9/11 became a milestone. A time when a new course was charted. Important decisions were made. Priorities were clarified. It is wise of us to revisit that awful day to pay respect to those who died and whose lives were forever changed on that day. 9/11 is a day that I hope is never repeated in any manner, but I do hope it’s a day that is not forgotten.

Under His Mercy,
Derek Dickinson
Journey Christian Church
Fairbanks, Alaska

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