Standing Too Close To the fire

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Journey Church had it’s first event out on it’s new property recently.  We had a pitch in meal and a bonfire.  We probably had about 80 people hanging out together.  As a parent with 7 children (three of whom are 3 years old) the evening necessarily involved trying to keep a watchful eye on our little troop.  At one point, I watched one of our men run over by the fire and pull my youngest Henry away from the fire.  It was a cold night and he was in close trying to stay warm.  He had his back to the fire and didn’t realize that he was too close.  His coat was literally melting.  A picture is provided.  I was grateful for the watchful eyes of a friend.  Henry was fine and the coat is still wearable.  But that image reminded me of what we tend to do in our lives.  We will stand close to something that promises warmth but is very dangerous.  The person struggling with addiction hangs out with his old drug buddies but doesn’t intend to get high.  The businessman takes the attractive co-worker with him on the business trip because “she’s the best one for the job.”  The person mired in debt walks into Wal-Mart without a specific shopping list.  In each case someone is standing too close to the fire.  There is value in looking at your life and making decisions ahead of time.  Ask yourself where are my areas of greatest temptation?  How are these temptations most likely to show up?  And then make the little decisions that head those moments off before they even happen.  Put an anti-porn filter on your computer, steer clear of the attractive co-worker you “click with;”  shop together with your spouse with a list of what is needed.  Half the battle with temptation is learning not to stand too close.


Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson


Journey Christian Church

Fairbanks, Alaska



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