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In her book Faith and Flat Tires author Andrea Dilley talks about her walk into the land of doubt.  She says “Every time I saw suffering of any kind, I felt a stone drop into my heart (57).”  Can’t you relate?  The compassionate person sees human pain everywhere.  At church, I see men out of work.  In my office, I hear stories of marriages hanging on by a thread.  At the chamber of commerce, I hear chat about a business that recently closed.  As a chaplain at the hospital, I pray with people who are facing life threatening illnesses.    Why is there so much pain and suffering in the world?   Entire books have been written on this topic but the focus of any Biblical answer centers on two words–free will.  It was the free will decisions of Eve and then Adam to sin and break God’s creation.  It was the free will decision of each of us to follow them into rebellion.  The free will decisions of others sometimes cause us pain.  The decision of a man at a bar to have one more drink and then get behind the wheel of a car could forever change the life of a random family driving home.  An innocent baby can be born addicted to herion because of the free will decision of his mother to do drugs during pregnancy.  Free will is costly but worth it.  How will you use yours today?

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister

Journey Christian Church



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