Swimming With Sharks

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The above photo is of my two year old son Henry and right above him is a poster of a Great White Shark (owned by our nine year old). A while back, before he was potty trained, I was changing Henry and he pointed to the shark poster. He said, “I don’t swim with him. He would bite me.” Simple thought, yet profound. How many Christian men surf the internet without a porn filtering program or using accountability software? How many who struggle with alcohol still go to places where it’s part of the scene? I’ve never forgotten the story of the man who was trying to lose weight but for a long time he would stop at a donut shop and buy a box to share with his co-workers. He finally decided to pray about his donut temptation and he prayed “Lord, I will only stop at the donut shop if there is a parking space right in front of the door.” Sure enough on his eighth trip through the parking lot the front spot opened right up! When Jesus talks about temptation in the sermon on the mount he says “if your right hand causes you to sin cut it off.” Obviously he doesn’t want us to do that literally, the point is take dramatic action. Don’t play with sin or as a wise child once said “I don’t swim with him, he would bite me.”

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister

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