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While working for a suicide prevention crisis line for 3 and a half years I had the opportunity to hear people’s stories.  The home life that many have to deal with is stunning.  From absent fathers to abusive fathers I heard it all.  That experience helped to deepen the appreciation I have for my own father.  Dean Dickinson is a great dad.  He stayed married to my mother all these years, providing my sister and I the rare gift of a stable, loving home in our divorce ridden culture.   He and mom introduced me to God from the time I was born.  I was “born in a church pew” (not literally) and am grateful for it.  Dad, taught and modeled integrity and faith.   He is one who plods forward faithfully no matter what.  As an adult I am learning the incredible power of perseverance that he has always lived out.  His love of books and learning infected me at an early age and opened a world of knowledge up to me.  Since I followed him into “the ministry” I’ve learned much from him concerning my work as well.  Let me just mention one.  It was one of my first sermons after graduating from seminary and taking a job in Indianapolis.  Nationally it was Pro-Life Sunday so I chose to speak about abortion and the sanctity of human life as my topic.  Afterwards an older man who I assumed was a long time member of the church (he actually wasn’t) came up and yelled at me telling me that if I continued to preach that **** he was leaving.  This confrontation upset me and I turned to my dad for comfort and understanding.  I shared my story and he said with a smile, “Son, welcome to the ministry.”  Probably some of the best wisdom I ever got starting out.  Thanks Dad.

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister

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