The Inevitable

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The other day I was talking about when winter was going to hit.  Henry, my three year old, overheard me and told me emphatically “Winter is not coming.” I chuckled.  He got angry and told me in no uncertain terms “No daddy, winter is NOT coming!”  His passion and emotion doesn’t matter.  Winter IS coming.  It’s inevitable.  It’s the same with the final judgment.  We get little flashes or reminders of judgment throughout life.  We get caught by our parents breaking a rule.  We totally botch a final exam in school because we didn’t study diligently throughout the semester.  Or maybe we look in our rear view mirror and see the lights of a police cruiser.  All of us are sinners and for each one of us judgment is coming.  We can passionately deny it if we wish but the reality is that it’s inevitable.  If we stand alone when we answer for our sins then we are doomed.  We will experience the justice and wrath of God.  Hell awaits.  But if we accept God’s mercy through the sacrifice of his son then judgment isn’t scary; but exciting.  I plan on standing next to Jesus at the judgment and saying “I’m with him.”  Judgment is inevitable; the outcome is in our hands.  How have you responded to Jesus?

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister

Journey Christian Church

Fairbanks, Alaska


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