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In his book God Stories  Andrew Wilson tells about Emily a young girl in northern Nigeria who was strung up on a tree and left for dead because she had epilepsy.  Daniel, a missionary who arrived in the village, immediately cut the girl down and saved her life.  This rescuing of the least and  last  is part of what Christians are called to do.   Who in our society is abandoned, despised and forgotten?  I can think of several groups.  One group would be babies whose own mothers are considering having them aborted.  This is one reason why I have served on the board of the Care Net Pregnancy Center for the last 7 years and our church gives generously of time, effort and volunteers to that ministry.  Another group are prisoners.  Each week a team from Journey leads a worship service for the inmates at the North Star half way house.  These are folks who have done something so bad that soceity itself has said, “you need a time out.”  At yet I watch our team take their valuable time and energy and offer it to this group of people.  They see each prisoner not for what they’ve done but for whose image they bear, God Himself.  Another group I would include in the least are those who struggle with some kind of addiction–particularly drugs, alcohol and porn.  Every Sunday night we have a dedicated group of people led by Stan and Glenna Bourne who provide a “recovery service” for those who need it.  I’m so pleased to be part of a congregation that loves the “least.”  And I am reminded that each of us needs to remember those who live life on the “margins.”  These are the people that flocked to Jesus.  Unlike the rich and respected the “least” are honest about their need for God in their life.  It has often been said when we look at anyone; to remember ‘there but by the grace of God go I.”  The longer I’ve studied the Scripture the more I’ve come to understand that those in the most danger of God’s judgment are not the messed up and broken but those who refuse to believe that they fall in that catagory.   Just something to think about.

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson,


Journey Christian Church


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